Quality at Powerstax

At Powerstax, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional quality products that they can trust. With our expertise in design, manufacturing, and marketing, we specialize in delivering excellent AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, including DC-DC converters, drake transformer rectifiers, configurable, modular, and bulk power SMPS. Additionally, we offer value-added services and complete custom power solutions to meet unique requirements.

We understand that delivering superior products is simply the only option. That is why our commitment to quality begins with robust in-house designs and extends to stringent product qualification processes. We continuously monitor materials and processes in our factories, ensuring the highest standards of product quality are maintained at every step.

Powerstax is proud to embrace a fully coordinated quality management system that enhances all aspects of our business operations and strives for consistent high performance through departmental integration. Our system is designed for regular review, thorough checks, and continuous improvement, aligning with the prestigious ISO9001 quality standard.

We take pride in our certification to ISO9001, which we initially achieved in July 2002. We have maintained this certification continuously, and in June 2023, we were issued certification to the current BS EN ISO9001:2015 standard by Bureau Veritas, further demonstrating our unwavering commitment to quality.

When you choose Powerstax, you can be confident that you are partnering with a company that prioritizes excellence at every stage. We are dedicated to delivering power supplies that meet the highest industry standards and exceed your expectations.
Trust us to provide reliable, high-quality solutions that power your success.