Partnering with Powerstax

At Powerstax, we go beyond being just an authorised distributor. We serve as trusted advisors, leveraging our technical expertise to help customers find the best solutions for their needs.


Powerstax proudly distributes Technix Power supplies for the UK and Ireland. Technix is a French High Voltage Power Supply manufacturer, renowned for its innovative power solutions, delivering high-performance products tailored to meet the most demanding requirements. With a comprehensive range that includes, besides HV PSUs, and Capacitor Chargers Technix also offers Electron Beam Power Supplies (EB PSUs).

Kraft Powercon

As a distributor for the Swedish/Indian Kraft Powercon worldwide, Powerstax offers access to Kraft’s comprehensive range of power conversion solutions. Kraft Powercon is synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and advanced technology, making them a preferred choice across industries. The main offerings from Kraft that Powerstax can supply you with are rectifiers, both modular Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) or TR (Transformer Rectifier) to attend various applications.

Ross Engineering

Ross Engineering specialises in high-voltage products and components, providing robust solutions for critical applications.

Ross Engineering Corporation is located in Campbell, California, where are designed, manufactured, and tests a wide range of high voltage electronic and electro-mechanical devices.

In the UK, Powerstax offers Ross Engineering products. With Powerstax’s distribution network, customers can easily access Ross Engineering’s cutting-edge offerings.

Magna Power

Powerstax is proud to be a distributor for Magna Power in the UK. Magna Power is a leading manufacturer of programmable DC power supplies, offering versatile solutions for various applications. With Powerstax, customers benefit from Magna Power’s reliable and efficient products with ease.