Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Requirements

Powerstax goes beyond their standard range of AC and DC power supplies, offering value-added and complete custom power supplies and solutions. With an experienced engineering team well-versed in power design, including thermal, mechanical, and EMC/EMI considerations, combined with state-of-the-art development labs and CAD tools, we can rapidly design and deliver custom power solutions ranging from several watts to kilowatts.

Unlike other suppliers, Powerstax excels in offering custom solutions even for lower volumes. Our “Value Added” approach leverages our field-proven and patented brick technology as the foundation for the final product. This approach enables us to provide tailored solutions with shorter lead times and minimal non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges.

Powerstax Custom Solutions:

1. Modified Standard Power Supplies: Tailoring existing power supplies to meet specific requirements.

2. Custom Power Supplies: Designing and manufacturing power supplies completely customised to your specifications.

3. Power Supply Racks & Assemblies: Creating integrated solutions with power supply racks and assemblies for streamlined installations.

4. Turnkey Power Systems: Delivering comprehensive, ready-to-deploy power systems that meet your specific needs.

5. Fully Customised Power Solutions: Building unique power solutions from the ground up, designed to address your specific challenges and requirements.

Examples of our Custom Solutions

One notable example of our custom solutions is the Flexistax D1001. This 1000W DC-DC power conversion module is specifically developed for applications where standard off-the-shelf solutions do not meet the requirements. By partnering with Powerstax, businesses can reduce their time-to-market, minimise capital investment, and mitigate risks associated with outsourcing unique power supply requirements.

Powerstax is your trusted partner for tailor-made power solutions that precisely match your needs. Our commitment to engineering excellence, rapid delivery, and minimal NRE charges sets us apart. Contact our expert team today to discuss your custom power supply requirements and let us collaborate on delivering a solution that accelerates your time-to-market and optimises your unique power challenges.

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