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The Powerstax ZTAF provides a reliable and economical interface solution for your full brick DC-DC Converters and Full brick PFC modules. This versatile terminal adaptor ensures seamless integration into your power system, offering a straightforward and efficient interface for enhanced functionality.

To complement the ZTAF terminal adaptor, Powerstax also offers the ZHSF full brick heatsink. Designed to work in conjunction with the ZTAF, this cost-effective heatsink provides efficient cooling for your full brick DC-DC Converters and PFC modules. Its special fin design makes it ideal for both forced and natural convection, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Optimal thermal interface is obtained through the utilisation of premium TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) that are phase-changing, ensuring high thermal conductivity and reliability.

Both the ZTAF and ZHSF are specifically designed for use with Powerstax’s 500W, 350W, and 200W full brick modules, providing a seamless fit and compatibility for your power system requirements.

In addition, Powerstax introduces the SCM-R, a 1U high 19″ rack mount unit specially designed to control and monitor our ultra-low-profile R3000, R2400, and R2250 AC-DC power systems. The SCM-R offers easy installation, operation, and real-time monitoring and control capabilities for up to 12 individual hot-swap power modules. When used in parallel, these modules can supply a maximum of 9,600W, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

Trust Powerstax for superior brick and rack accessories that enhance the performance, efficiency, and control of your power systems. Contact our expert team today to discuss your specific requirements and let us assist you in selecting the perfect accessories to optimise your power system setup.

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