SL Series - Powerstax

Introducing to the SLx Series Building on over 40 years of power supply innovation and with over 26,500 different model configurations, the SLx Series is Magna-Power’s most versatile programmable DC power supply series ever created. The SLx Series offers models at 6 different power levels, with a highly granular range of voltages and currents. With industry-leading leading power density, rugged current-fed power processing, and the state-of-the-art MagnaLINK™ distributed DSP digital control architecture, the SLx Series meets the long-term DC power requirements of research & development, industrial automation, and process control applications.

Key Features
• Voltage, current, and power control
• Rugged current-fed power processing
• 16-bit precision with single bit control
• SCPI and Modbus command sets
• Programmable protection features
• Interlock and hardware emergency stop
• Slew rate control
• Continuous full power operation up to 50°C ambient
• Configurable analog-digital 26-pin I/O port
• Digital-hybrid MagnaLINK™ master-slaving
• Local, remote, and leadless voltage sensing
• USB (front and rear) and RS485 interfaces
• CAN, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, LXI TCP/IP Ethernet,
ModbusTCP, and PROFINET fully integrated
communications options available
• MagnaCTRL software platform included
• Made in the USA

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Research & development, industrial automation, and process control applications