High Voltage Measurement - Powerstax

Ross Engineering excels in precise and reliable High Voltage (HV) Measurement Products, including Hi-Z® AC Voltmeters, Megmeters®, Digital Hipots, Probes & Multimeters, and Voltage Level Sensors. Their solutions ensure accurate measurement in diverse high-voltage environments, reflecting a commitment to quality.
These products cater to various applications, ensuring accurate and safe measurement in high-voltage environments.

  • HV Voltage Dividers
  • High Voltage Coupling Capacitor
  • High Voltage Probes & Multimeters
  • Hi-Z® Probes
  • Hi-Z® High Voltage AC Voltmeters
  • High Voltage Megmeter®
  • AC/DC Digital Hipots
  • High Voltage Test Load Systems and ESD Testers

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Research & development, industrial automation, and process control applications