Our Mission

Empowering Industries Worldwide with Innovative and Efficient Power Solutions.

We are dedicated to becoming a prominent force through technical excellence, global networking, and customer-centric approaches. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of high-quality power products, tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

From major corporations to individual power users, we aim to deliver excellence, efficiency, and reliability.

Through continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a consultative approach, we aspire to be the go-to solution for power needs across various industries. Our commitment extends to sustainability, using new technologies and embracing opportunities like hydrogen, ensuring a reliable and environmentally conscious energy future.”

Our Vision

To be globally recognized as the foremost authority in power supply solutions, Powerstax Ltd envisions becoming the top choice for industries worldwide.

We aspire to build a well-recognized brand synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability. In the next decade, our vision includes being at the forefront of hydrogen power supply manufacturing, leveraging our technical expertise to address environmental challenges.

We aim to achieve market leadership in medium and high-power DC supplies, catering to industries and infrastructure on a global scale. Our commitment extends to sustainability, collaboration, and expansion, with a goal to be the preferred supplier for custom power solutions across the globe. By fostering innovation, and providing job security and satisfaction, Powerstax Ltd is dedicated to powering the future and being the industry’s number one choice for power engineering solutions.

Our Values


1. Customer Focus: We prioritize our customers’ needs, delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

2. Adaptability: We embrace change and proactively adjust to evolving industry trends and are flexible to attend customer requirements.

3. Trusted: Building trust is at the heart of our relationships—with customers, partners, and within our team.

4. Efficiency: We are committed to operational excellence, ensuring streamlined processes for optimal performance.

5. Innovation: We foster a culture of continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries to develop cutting-edge power solutions.

6. Highest Quality: Quality is non-negotiable. We strive for excellence in every product and service we deliver.

7. Life and People: We uphold positive values, creating an inclusive, harmonious, and uplifting work environment for our team. This is reflected in our products and services.

8. Reliability: Our products and services are reliable, providing consistent performance in all applications.

9. Sustainability: We are environmentally conscious, integrating sustainable practices into our operations.

10. Capability: Our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle challenges and deliver exceptional results.