Power Solution for Mobile Vehicle Mounted Communications Application

Powerstax will design, develop and manufacture Value Added and Custom Power Solutions to meet your exact Mobile Vehicle needs. From Technical and Design Support with the customer, to In-House Development and On-Site Production and Test, Powerstax provides a complete and rapid AC and DC power supply solution. Powerstax’s modern engineering department uses advanced 3D CAD and computer based circuit design and development systems that accelerates pre-production and prototype development time. Powerstax can also offer an In-House engineering team experienced in supplying custom power solutions that seamlessly integrate the design of the power solution with technology of the application.

The Application

A 1000W DC-DC power supply to operate a vehicle mounted communications application. The unit was to replace an existing power solution and it needed to be more compact and with higher power. The design needed to be robust and able to withstand hostile and invasive environments. Rugged to cope with severe and prolonged vibration, have high efficiency to allow for operation without forced air cooling and to have an exceptionally wide input range to cope with the substantial voltage variance from the truck.

The Powerstax Solution

Powerstax provided one of their trademark value added systems comprising the Flexistax® D1000. This has a wide and variable 11 – 36VDC input and constant output between 12 and 48VDC. Utilising a simple, custom developed boost converter integrated into the design provides the boost in input voltage when conditions require.
This rapid design and delivery time was achieved using a modular approach, centred on the the Powerstax F501 full brick DC-DC converters.
In a highly efficient arrangement, two of Powerstax’s 500W F501 full brick DC-DC converters are coupled with a custom two phase boost converter and customer specified connectors. (see below, left) to present a complete bespoke solution.

The End Result

The patented high efficiency topology and extremely flexible design of the F501 DC-DC converter modules means that standard items can be quickly and easily optimised for efficiency. This ensures system efficiency of >85% and a lower level of heat dissipation, which allows the complete open construction unit (measuring 6.0in x 4.0in with a max height 1in including connections) can be cold wall mounted with no forced air cooling required.

With prototypes supplied in just 4 weeks from Powerstax’s ISO9001 approved design, development and production facility at Farnborough, England, the Flexistax® D1000 provided the optimum solution in record time.

To discuss your requirements please contact sales@powerstax.com

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