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Our Bulk Power range exemplifies Powerstax’s capability to build complete energy systems using compact and high power density 1U AC-DC products (rectifiers), 2U AC and DC products, intelligent controllers, and power distribution panels with battery support.
Whether you require standard, custom, or bespoke solutions, we have the expertise to deliver individual power units as component parts of a system or complete AC and DC systems tailored to your unique requirements.

Powerstax proudly offers three ranges of highly configurable, multi-output modular switch-mode power supplies, delivering up to 1450W of power. These solutions allow for easy and rapid configuration, enabling you to create a custom power solution that precisely fits your needs. With ultra-high efficiencies of over 90% and industry-leading 15W/in3 power density, our modular power supplies provide a compact and versatile power solution. Our latest addition to this range is the CoolX family, offering 600W to 1800W power with convection cooling capabilities up to 1000W.

Additionally, we have a dedicated product family designed specifically for MEDICAL applications, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, and providing safe and reliable power for critical medical equipment.

Powerstax’s extensive AC/DC product range includes: High Power Solutions, Power Modules, Rack Mounted Units, Kingshill Series, Programmable Power Supplies, High Voltage Power Supplies, and Capacitor Chargers.

With our technologically advanced AC/DC power supply solutions, you gain access to superior performance, increased flexibility, and enhanced reliability. Our products are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various industries, including medical, industrial automation, telecommunications, transportation, and more.

Experience the difference with Powerstax, where technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction converge. Contact our team of experts today to discuss your specific AC/DC power requirements and let us collaborate to create a tailored solution that empowers your engineering projects and drives your business forward.


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