EB-K Series - Powerstax

EB-K Series

Elevate electron beam systems with Technix’s innovative EB-M Series. With precision and reliability, it optimises energy delivery, ensuring superior performance in a range of applications. EB-K, with up to 60kV and 80kW+, serves as a comprehensive single source power supply for Cathode applications.

Single source power supply is dedicated to Electron Beam application. EB-K Power Supplies provides rapid rise time and advanced arc management to ensure beam continuity.

• Voltage: up to 60kV
• Charging Power: 6kW to 80.kW
• Polarity: Negative
• Rise-time(10-90%): <3ms • Ripple+Noise: 0.2% RMS of max output voltage • Remote interface: 0-10V dedicated interface

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Electron Beam, Electron Tube