SCM-R - Powerstax

The unit is designed to control and monitor the Powerstax19” rack mount 1U high PSU systems: R3000, R2400, R2250. The controller is digital and communicates with the power modules by means of an I2C bus. It offers adjustment of the system voltage in 100mV steps over the range 23- 29V for the A0750 (750w) powers units and 46-58V in the 800watt (A0800) & 1000 watt (A1000) power units.

Up to 12 hot swap power units can be used in parallel and the controller can be used to select a particular power unit position and read the current being drawn from that unit with a resolution of 100 mA. The address of individual power cartridge is set in hardware using the cable assembly supplied with the controller. The Powerstax SCM-R does not require an external power source and is powered from the bus voltage of the system

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Telecoms, Datacomms, Industrial Control