01-415V15V1500A-A - Powerstax


Drake® TR Series Transformer Rectifiers are available up to 750kVA and use digitally controlled thyristors to achieve the required voltage and current profile. Switched-mode technology is available for smaller systems. Systems can be air, oil or water cooled and sealed to IP65 using purge and pressure techniques for Zone 1 and 2 areas. Standard systems are IP54.

• Thyristor controlled
• 415VAC 3-Phase input
• <1% output stability
• <5% output ripple
• Short circuit protection
• Integral fan cooling
• Remote control/ monitoring options
• Top or bottom entry options
• Analogue or digital voltage & current display

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Water Treatment, Electrochlorination, Electrochemical and Plating, Electrowinning, Cathodic Protection & Anti-Fouling, Electrophoretic Processes, Laboratory, Aircraft Ground Support, Frequency Converters, Marine & Offshore, Industrial, Engine Starting