CP240-090-240 - Powerstax


The CP Series is a 120W to 480W SMPS power module system developed specifically for cathodic protection applications. The highly efficient design incorporates a Cathodic Protection control module offering fully automatic potential control with less than 5% of output ripple at any load. Designed for outdoor use the CP Series can be fully IP 65 protected and will operate over a wide ambient temperature range of -25°C to +60°C. The design utilises a rugged, modular approach with AC and DC lightning protection ensuring at least a 10 year operational life when properly maintained.

• Designed for Cathodic Protection Applications
• Automatic Potential Control
• 90-264V or 415V 3-phase AC Input
• SMPS Topology
• IP 65 Protection when mounted in suitable cabinet
• -25°C to +60°C Ambient
• AC & DC Lightning Surge Suppression
• Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Cathodic Protection