CCR up to 150kV Power up to 1kJ/s - Powerstax

CCR serie are designed to offer optimal performance in a compact design
for capacitor chargers. Dry isolated, CCR Power Supply from 20kV to 150kV
provides high reliability without any special maintenance.


•Pulsed applications
•Research and Development
•Test Equipment
•Marx generators
•Flash lamps


•Output Voltage: up to 150kV
•Charging Power: 150J/s to 1kJ/s
•Polarity: Positive-Negative-Reversible
•Operating frequency): <10Hz, up to 3kHz •Reproducibility: <0.1% •Voltage holding: <0.1% p-p of full voltage •Remote interface: 0-10V analogue

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Capacitor Charging, Pulsed applications, Capacitors, Research and Development, Test Equipment, Accelerators, Nuclear fusion, Marx generator