CCR up to 16kV Power up to 1kJ/s - Powerstax

CCR serie are designed to offer optimal performance in a compact design
for capacitor chargers. Dry isolated, CCR Power Supply from 20kV to 150kV
provides high reliability without any special maintenance


• Pulsed applications • Output Voltage: up to 150kV
• Capacitors • Charging Power: 150J/s to 1kJ/s
• Research and Development • Polarity: Positive-Negative-Reversible
• Test Equipment • Operating frequency): <10Hz, up to 3kHz • Accelerators • Reproducibility: <0.1% • Marx generators • Voltage holding: <0.1% p-p of full voltage • Flash lamps • Remote interface: 0-10V analogue

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Capacitor Charging, Pulsed applications, Capacitors, Research and Development, Test Equipment, Accelerators, Nuclear fusion, Marx generator