MF1U-4 - Powerstax

The Multistax® Premium family of configurable power supplies provides up to 1200W in an extremely compact 1U package. These units are ideally suited to solving complex power system requirements where a full custom design is not an option. The fully floating outputs can be combined in series or parallel (or series-parallel) to achieve virtually any output combination you can imagine. The Multistax® premium family comprises 2 different chassis, 4 slot 600W and 6 slot 1200W, and a total of 11 output module types giving you almost infinite possibilities to configure the outputs you need. Output voltages may be set manually via a potentiometer or dynamically using the various control inputs. A bias supply is included to power areas of your circuit needing to be kept on at all times. The architecture is based upon low loss technologies, thus reducing thermal build-up in your system and providing market leading power densities up to 14.1W/in3 and efficiencies up to 92%. Each Multistax® premium chassis is a fully functioning power supply. Multiple supplies can be combined into a 1U 19” rack to produce complex system-level power – in a very short timescale. The system is fully UL/EN60950-1 2nd Edition as well as UL/EN60601-1 3rd Edition approved and is CE marked to the Low Voltage Directive – meaning that any custom combination immediately carries these approvals.

• Up to 1200W in <1U chassis

• Efficiency up to 92%

• 1.5V to 58V standard output voltages

• All outputs fully floating

• Series / Parallel of Multiple outputs

• 19” Rack-Mount Version Available

• Dual Safety Approvals

– UL/EN60950-1 2nd Edition

– UL/EN60601-1 3rd Edition

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Industrial: Test and Measurement, Industrial Machines, Automation equipment, Printing, Telecommunications, Audio equipment.