PX3227500AS-20 - Powerstax


The PX32 Series are a full family of high performance DC-DC power modules designed for aerospace, high reliability and high-end industrial applications. The modules are potted with a high performance thermally conductive compound and packaged in a metallic case to ensure module integrity under harsh environmental conditions. The input voltage range is 21-33V.

Available outputs include 250-500V & 500-1000V at up to 20W and 1000-1800V, 500V at up to 16W.

The output voltage is adjusted with an external trim resistor or potentiometer. PX32 Series modules employ a fixed frequency switching technology; providing high reliability, low noise characteristics and high-power density. They incorporate LC network filters to minimise reflected input ripple current and output voltage ripple. Soft-start, and indefinite short circuit protection are included to ensure effective module protection.

The soft-start allows current limiting and eliminates inrush current during start-up.

The short circuit protection completely protects the modules against short-circuits of any duration by a shut-down and restores to normal when the overload is removed. It also includes inhibit function and output voltage detection function.

• High reliability, small size
• High efficiency up to 85%
• Inhibit function
• Soft start
• Galvanic isolation 3000 VDC
• Short circuit protection
• Output voltage adjustable
• -55 to +105°C operation

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Defence, Homeland Security, Shipboard and Ground Systems, Mobile and Vehicle-mounted Wireless and Radar Systems, Telecomm Infrastructure Systems, Security Systems.