R2250 Series - Powerstax

The Powerstax R2250 series of front-end power shelves is designed to operate as a key element in a complete distributed power system. The power shelf mates to a commercial power grid and when assembled with power modules, generates a precisely regulated 24 to 28.5VDC bus voltage. This power shelf can house up to three Powerstax A0750 power modules and provides protection, and a number of alarm and control features. This product is intended for integration into end-use equipment. The power shelf can supply up to 1500W of N+1 redundant power or up to 2250W of total power depending on configuration of power modules. Four stacked shelves can provide up to 9,000W total power.

• Rack mount chassis (19’’, 1U high)
• 1U, 2U, 3U & 4U stackable for higher wattage power.
• Parallel operation which can house up to 3 x A0750 series power modules
• 1500W of N+1 Redundant operation
• Configurable local and remote sense of output bus voltage
• Power fail Warning & Fault Alarm
• Compatible with worldwide power sources. (Universal AC Input )
• I2C Optional
• Local and Remote Monitoring
• Hot Swap

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Advanced workstations, Telecom / Datacom equipment, Midrange computers, Mainframes, File servers, LAN/WAN applications, Mass storage, Critical Power, Offshore, Oil & Gas