R2400 Series - Powerstax

The Powerstax R2400 series of front-end power shelves is designed to operate as a key element in a complete distributed power system. It is a very low profile 1U high 43.4mm (1.71’’) subassembly that mounts into a 19’’ rack. The power shelf mates to a commercial power grid and when assembled with power modules, generates a precisely regulated DC bus voltage. This power shelf can house up to three Powerstax A0800 power modules and provides protection, and a number of alarm and control features. This product is intended for integration into end-use equipment. The power shelf can supply up to 1600W of N+1 redundant power or up to 2400W of total power depending on configuration of power modules. Four stacked shelves can provide up to 9,600W total power.

Primary Application

Additional Applications

Advanced workstations, Telecom / Datacom equipment, Midrange computers, Mainframes, File servers, LAN/WAN applications, Mass storage, Critical Power, Offshore, Oil & Gas